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Advanced Console Server & Switch
RIM Gateway
  • Single AC Power Supply
  • 4 x RS232 Serial Console Ports
  • 4 x 10/100 Ethernet Switch for Management LAN, bonding, auto failover or IP-KVM
  • Available 3g Cellular Interface
  • Heartbeat monitor with auto dial-out option
  • Multiple local boot images stored locally for roll back
  • 4 Gigabyte local FTP/TFTP storage for device configuration files
  • Local serial console access
Security and Authentication
  • Uses an embedded FIPS140-2 cryptographic module that has been validated and has received Certificate #1051
  • Secure Shell (SSH V2 and V3)
  • TACACS+, KERBEROS, RADIUS and LDAP authentication
  • PAP/CHAP authentication (dial up)
  • Dial back support
  • Local authentication
  • System event syslog
  • SSH port and IP forwarding support
  • IP packet filtering
  • Unlimited user accounts
Serial Console Port Management
  • Free COM Port Redirector software - Portshare
  • SSH tunneled serial bridging
  • Windows 2003 Server ACS and EMS support
  • SUN / Solaris ready (no inadvertent breaks)
  • Break over SSH support
  • Port triggers with SMNP and email alerts
  • Offline data logging (Syslog, NFS, CIFS)
  • Online data buffering and logging
  • Multiple users per port (with port sniffing)
  • Access by TCP port
  • Telnet / Unauthenticated Telnet SSH/Raw TCP connect
  • RFC 2217 - Port Redirection
  • Windows Remote Desktop or VNC over serial support
  • Clustering - single IP for multiple IM4200 and CM4000 devices
  • Per serial port user access lists
LAN Console Port Management
  • Secure SSH tunneling (TCP/UDP applications)
  • Secure Remote Desktop access to Windows XP/2003
  • Secure VNC access to Sun/Windows /Linux computers
  • Secure HTTP(S) access to browser controlled appliances
  • Native IPMI 1.5 and 2.0 (RMCP/RMCP+) support for BMC and service processor access and control
  • Secure SOL (Serial over LAN) access to BIOS, EMS and ACS
  • Service processor access (IPMI, ILO, LOM and more)
  • Access to KVM built in to service processors (DRAC, RSA)
  • Secure Telnet access
  • Limit user access by LAN device and SDT service for that device
  • Port triggers with SMNP and email alerts for all tunnel traffic
  • Each gateway can port forward to an unlimited number of locally networked hosts (computers, routers)
  • No limit on number of hosts being concurrently accessed through the one tunnel
  • Up to 50 concurrent SSH sessions (SDT tunnels) can be open at the one time
  • No limit on number of clients who can access the one gateway
  • Embedded DHCP server for management LAN devices
Power Management
  • Network UPS Tools for UPS Monitoring and Management
  • PowerMan for PDU and RPS Management
  • Hotkey for in session power menu
System Management
  • Secure web management (HTTPS)
  • Local browser management (HTTP)
  • Command Line interface (Linux Shell)
  • Nagios distributed monitoring
  • ARP-Ping (IP address assignment)
  • SNMP
  • In-band (local Ethernet or secure tunnel over Internet)
  • Out-of-band (dial-up modem access) included
  • Additional Ethernet for broadband out-of-band connection
  • Local serial console access
Other Protocols Supported
  • DHCP client for dynamic IP assignment
  • NTP for time synchronization
  • PPP for dial up access
  • NAT port redirection
  • Flash upgradeable
  • Free upgrades from online FTP site
  • HTTP, FTP, TFTP client for file transfer
Operating System
  • Linux with source code access
  • Custom development kit